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Goals for 2017

Now that we’re over a week into the new year, I’ve had an adequate amount of time to ponder what goals I’d like to reach in this calendar year. Calling them resolutions seems like a setup for failure, so goals will just have to do. Anyway, less chatter, here they are:

  1. Get Published

A few years ago I made a promise to myself to do everything in my power to get published before I turn 28. Given that I’m only 9 months away from that number, the clock seems to be ticking pretty fast, so this year, especially these next 9 months, I’m really going to focus on my writing and hopefully hit that milestone before my birthday.

  1. Focus on My Health

I feel like most resolution/goal lists include “lose weight”. I don’t want this to be that. Honestly, I would love to lose some weight, but I don’t want any eat/exercise habits to focus around that one thing, especially because diet and exercise are important for mental health as well, which is a huge obstacle in my life. The worse I eat and the less I move the more lethargic and depressed I feel, and I’m so tired of it. That’s why I really want to focus on treating my body like it actually matters, because it does.

  1. REALLY Declutter

If you read my last post, you know that one of the dreams I have is living in a minimalist loft. That said, my current living space does not resemble that goal at all. I’ve already started to clear stuff out, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’m hoping to get rid of anywhere between 30-50% of my belongings in order to get to where I want to be. Not all of it will be gotten rid of immediately, but if you’ve ever read or watched anything about the Konmari method, you will know that this isn’t an immediate thing, it’s definitely more of a process.

  1. Focus on What I Love

This year I really want to spend more time painting and writing. These are things that, as my depression has gotten worse, I’ve really stepped away from. Not only has this been incredibly detrimental to my recovery, but it’s also distanced me from that dream life I want. So often I spend hours envying the lives of people who are living lives that resemble the life I want, when what I should be doing is creating content, both art and written, so I have SOMETHING out in the world for people to connect with. Part of me is really terrified of writing and painting again, because I’m so out of practice and I don’t handle bad work very well. But I’m trying to not worry so much about this idea of failure being the be all end all of life, because, as I’ve heard from so many people, no one who was great at anything got there without practice. To be a great writer, or to get to a place where I’m consistently  drawing/painting things that I don’t hate, I’ll have to produce a few things that make my stomach churn, at least at first. I’m really going to have to push myself for this one, but I know it’ll be worth it.

  1. Take the GRE

If there’s one thing I really don’t want to do but kind of have to do this year it’s take the GRE. I accidentally missed the deadline to sign up for the test in February, but to be honest, I probably didn’t have $200 at the end of December in order to sign up for it. I won’t spend any time here complaining about how expensive the GRE is, but I will say that charging that much for a test is absolutely absurd and has a lot of systemic consequences, but that’s for another time. I’m still trying to figure out what I REALLY want to go to school for, but at least if I take the test I’ll be ready, right?

There are obviously other things I want to accomplish this year, like pay off my credit card, get a haircut, take a vacation, but the ones above are the really big ones. Here’s to hoping that 2017 is a better year than the last one, and good luck reaching all of your 2017 goals. ♥︎M



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