An Introduction

Hello again! I wanted to make a post to introduce myself to all of you here. First of all, my name is MaCashen. I currently live in Chicago, but am originally from Minnesota. If I had to pick the top five adjectives to describe myself they would be as follows: artistic, curious, brash, creative, and broke.

Speaking of that last adjective… Part of what I’m trying to do in this VERY expensive city, is trying to find fun cheap/free things to do. The best thing I’ve found so far is art openings. There are people, sometimes music, a cool atmosphere, and best of all, snacks. In all honesty though, I mostly just like looking at the art. Art for me is one of those constants that have been in my life since I was a little kid. And now I have a couple friends who have memberships at the Art Institute, so I get to go to exhibits that way too. 

I’ve also started to get in the habit of making things for myself and for sale. So far, I haven’t quite finished setting up my Etsy shop, but it’ll be soon. I also sew and do painting commissions. I’m working on setting up a separate blog for my art. More on my side projects later.

I’m sort of bad at these introduction things, but I’m working on a more in depth about me page. I also want to know about all of you lovely readers! Leave comments of your top five descriptive adjectives, and I’ll check of the blogs of anyone who likes this post!

More soon!


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