Hello There!

First of all, welcome to Le Bucheron Velu! I’ve wanted to have a serious blog for a while, but I’ve continuously had an excuse as to why I couldn’t do it now. So even though I haven’t quite gotten around to finishing the layout of this blog or designing the logo/header, here we are.

Even in college I was fascinated by blogs and what people wrote. I look at blogs now, but I have a hard time finding blogs that really fit with my ideals. To be honest, I probably spend more time sending awful blog posts back and forth with a friend of mine than I do reading blog posts that I actually like. That’s why I’ve created Le Bucheron Velu. I want there to be a blog that talks about more than just hair or makeup or fashion or music. This is going to be my blog where I push past what a lifestyle blog is. This is going to be my place to discuss not only fashion and makeup and fitness, but also things like mental health issues, race, and art. We’re all multifaceted people, and because of that I don’t think that my blog should have to be defined by whatever categories are out there for it.

At times I’m goofy, other times serious, and oftentimes raging angry. I plan to be true to any mood that strikes me on any given day. I also plan on having a few staple posts on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis, so stay tuned for those. And most of all, thank you for reading. 


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